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After more than 35 years of practicing law, I know that a lot of people don't like to talk to lawyers!

That's why I believe in plain talk.  No one wants to feel overwhelmed by legalese; we want to know what our options are, how long it will take, and how much it will cost (or how much you can expect to receive).  I believe that by straight talk up front I can better serve my clients and my clients are better equipped to assist us with their cases.

Our track record is one of uncompromising ethics, competence, and tenacity. We use modern technologies that allow us to better 
respond to our clients needs and the demands of the court and to quickly counter the Defendants' every move.

  Personal Representation

I believe that my clients should be personally informed by me about: 
  • What legal issues are involved in their cases, explained in everyday English with no legalese,
  • How long the case is likely to take,
  • The costs involved, and
  • The range of outcomes that reasonably can be expected.
I only handle claims under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) but am associated with other lawyers who handle other disability (workers' compensation and Social Security) and personal injury cases.

New Orleans Office:

The Disability Law Center, Inc.
110 Veterans Memorial Highway
Suite 350
Metairie, LA 70005
Tel. (504) 834-8333
Fax (504) 613-0929

Shreveport Office:
Fischer, Hathaway & Manno
Attorneys and Counselors at Law
3421 Youree Drive
Shreveport, LA 71105
Tel (318) 869-0304
Fax (318) 869-4911

 Bill Allison
William T. Allison, Attorney

We provide a wide range of legal services to our disabled clients.

workers' compensation
social security
Personal Injury

Our clients may be entitled to several different types of benefits other than those covered by ERISA.  We are committed to providing the best lawyer in each field that may be relevant to our clients' cases.

See Our Philosophy, below:

Want to research a bit before you call?

We've provided you with some important legal resources.

Our Philosophy

For over 35 years, I have championed the rights of the disabled.  For many years, I handled cases in the area of workers' compensation, Social Security disability, and personal injury.  As the law became more complex in these fields I realized that I could not provide the level of competence in each of them that I want for my clients.  During the 1990's I began referring the personal injury aspects of my client's cases to the best attorneys in that field so that I could devote my practice to workers' compensation and Social Security cases.

Then, in 2002, I had a client who had a claim against Unum Insurance Company, a large disability insurance carrier.  I could not find a competent lawyer to take his case, because it was governed by ERISA, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act.  So, I ended up with it and promised to do the best I could.  I read every ERISA case that had been decided in the last ten years, and in those rare cases that the disabled person won, I called and spoke to the successful attorneys.  I kept track of my time, and I literally spent over 400 hours researching ERISA law.  Because of a confidentiality agreement, I am not allowed to say anything more about the case, other than to say that it was settled on terms very favorable to my client.  I learned a lot about ERISA.

I became convinced that I could help people with ERISA claims.  In 2008, I became of counsel to the highly regarded and well recognized workers' compensation law firm, Fischer, Manno & Hathaway, Attorneys and Counselors at Law.  They took over my workers' compensation practice and I took no new cases in that area of the law.

That was one piece of the disability law puzzle.

ERISA law is very complex and full of traps for the unwary or unknowledgeable.  In 2010, in order to keep up with the ever changing law, I decided that I would  limit my practice to ERISA.  I began referring Social Security cases to other lawyers. Then, in early 2013, I became  of counsel to the Disability Law Center, Inc., who I believe to be the best in the field.  So, now the 
picture is complete.  Through my affiliations with the Disability Law Center, Inc. and Fischer, Manno & Hathaway, I can now offer complete coverage to my disabled clients.

The statistics in ERISA cases are horrible.  Very few cases are won in court.  That is why so few attorneys handle them and why it is so hard to find a lawyer who will.  However, I am convinced that the difficulty of this area of the law and the inability to find competent attorneys to handle ERISA cases combine to produce those horrendous statistics.  Because a lot of people can't find competent lawyers experienced in ERISA, many cases are handled by attorneys who lack any expertise in the area.  I believe that is why so many ERISA cases are lost.  Of course, there are cases that get filed in federal court that lack merit and and that the claimant should lose.  But, I believe that the statistics are so skewed in favor of insurance companies because they have better lawyers than a large percentage of disability claimants.

So, to sum up, our philosophy is simple.  Each of the attorneys in our affiliated firms are experts in their own fields.  I only handle ERISA claims and have been very successful in doing so. Many of my ERISA clients were injured on-the-job so they also have workers' compensation claims.  Most, if not all of my clients also have Social Security claims.  I am confident that through the affiliated firms, I can offer the best representation in those fields, leaving me to concentrate solely on ERISA cases.

During the now 11 years that I have been handling ERISA cases, I have formed relationships with other lawyers around the country, and therefore can now offer ERISA representation in virtually every state of the union.

To learn more about how ERISA cases are different and what make them so difficult, click here.  To learn more about how a lawyer can help people with ERiSA claims, click here.

Other Insurance
ERISA's sweep is broad and deep.  Virtually every fringe benefit offered by a non-governmental, non-church employer is covered.  Examples of the kind of fringe benefits that are covered are vacation time, health insurance, and life insurance.

To learn more about life insurance, click here:  Health Insurance FAQ
To learn more about health insurance click here: Life Insurance FAQ.
To learn more about ERISA disability insurance, click here:  Disability FAQ
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