Bill Outline

This nation has grown to greatness through the hard work and sacrifice of its working men and women. When one of these hard working people becomes disabled, the nation has a duty – and in most cases a legal obligation – to help that person maintain a reasonably dignified quality of life. Unfortunately, those responsible for fulfilling this obligation don’t always feel the same way.

Most people don’t like talking to lawyers, because it’s so hard to get a straight answer out of us. That’s not me. I believe in plain talk.

Most of my clients have four basic questions: what are my options, how much money is at stake, how long will it take to win,  and how much it will cost. Straight forward questions deserve straight forward answers, and while I’ve tried to answer those questions in a general way on the pages of this website, I cannot give you the straight answers you deserve unless I know the details of your case. So, if you want to cut to the chase, call me at 877-626-3501 or visit the Help Me Bill! page, and complete the simplified disability evaluation form.

I have practiced all kinds of law during the past 40 years, but the only cases I accept now are disability cases. I want to spend the final years of my legal career helping people who are truly suffering, and frankly, I’m good at it. Other areas of law that pay better and are more exciting, but nothing compares to the satisfaction I feel when I help a disabled person receive the benefits he or she deserves.